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How To Give Scholarships

There are 2 ways you can give to Texas A&M University
Donors can endow a scholarship with the Texas A&M Foundation. For more information, visit or call (800) 392-3310. If you have any questions about giving to Texas A&M University, please contact Judi Haas, Assistant Director - Scholarships at Scholarships & Financial Aid (979) 458-5371 or by email at

Gifts can also be made through the Association of Former Students. For more information on giving through the Association of Former Students, please visit or call (800)392-2096.
The Scholarship donor form is to be used by donors to inform the university on how they would like for us to distribute the funds they are giving. If the donor does not specify that a check is to be given in one semester, Scholarships & Financial Aid policy is to split funds of $1,000 or more between semesters. Please send in your check with the donor form to our office. The address is listed on the donor form.

Download the Scholarship Donor Form
Matching Gift Information
Scholarships & Financial Aid and the Texas A&M Foundation have recently updated their procedures for receiving, certifying and processing gifts requesting match and the related matching gifts to the University and for awarding scholarships from these gifts. The overarching concepts are discussed below from the Scholarships & Financial Aid’s “Procedures for Gifts Requesting Match and the Related Matching Gifts”.

If the gift is intended for a scholarship account, the Texas A&M Foundation will verify that the recipients are chosen by members of the Texas A&M University administration, faculty and/or staff. If it is determined that these selections are not made by the above mentioned group(s) then the donor’s gift and matching gift form will be returned to the donor with a letter of explanation.

Texas A&M University accepts gifts requesting match and the related matching gift that have been directed through the Texas A&M Foundation. These gifts are to be administered as the donor directs. However, the gifts also must be administered within applicable matching program requirements, federal and state statues, institutional policies and Scholarships & Financial Aid (SFA) procedures. To comply with the matching entity’s requirements, employees of Texas A&M University must make the selections for all scholarships from all gifts requesting match and the related matching gifts.

We hope that this information will be useful. If you have any questions regarding the procedures, you may contact Ann Lovett at the Texas A&M Foundation at (800) 392-3310 or or Judi Haas in Scholarships & Financial Aid at (979) 458-5371 or We appreciate your continued efforts as you and other members of your club solicit support for students attending Texas A&M University.