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University Scholarships

International Freshmen Students will need to complete the Apply Texas International Freshmen Scholarship Application by the January 2, 2018 deadline.  Award announcements will be made after May 1st of each year.  Please visit the Freshmen How-To-Apply Page for more information.
International Transfer Students will need to complete the Apply Texas International Transfer Scholarship Application based upon the application deadlines below.  International Transfer Scholarship decisions will be announced in early August for Fall awards and in early December for Spring awards.
International Transfer Student Apply Texas Scholarship Application Deadlines
Spring 2018
Opens – April 1, 2017
Deadline – August 1, 2017
Summer and Fall 2018
Opens – September 1, 2017
Deadline – March 1, 2018

In most cases both undergraduate and graduate Texas A&M University students currently enrolled at the College Station campus who are international students holding a J-1 or F-1 visa and who are not sponsored by their home government are preliminarily eligible for the following scholarships. 

Students must meet the specific requirements for each of the following scholarships in order to be able to compete for the scholarships.  Being eligible for competition for a scholarship does not guarantee that a student will be selected to receive an award.  Please note that unless indicated next to the title of the scholarship, none of the awards below carry a non-resident tuition waiver. In order to complete the University Scholarship Application, students must have completed at least one semester at Texas A&M University by the time of application.  For scholarships which require or suggest that an International Student Financial Aid Application (ISFAA) be submitted for scholarship consideration, the most current/available ISFAA will need to have been submitted by the time of application for the applicable scholarship. Additional Documents can be submitted to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid via postal mail, campus mail, fax, or in person.

International Student Services Scholarships List

As an International student, you may qualify for various programs depending upon your visa status. For the 2018‐2019 academic year, you may submit the International Student Financial Aid Application (ISFAA). The priority date to submit the ISFAA for financial aid purposes is May 1. Completion of the ISFAA does not guarantee that aid will be awarded. For the purposes of scholarships which require or suggest that an ISFAA be submitted, the ISFAA will need to have been submitted by the time of the application for the applicable scholarship.

You may also be eligible to apply for an Alternative Student Loan.

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