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Regents' Scholarship Program FAQ

Initial Eligibility

First-generation is classified as neither parent have earned a bachelor’s degree. Parents may have earned an associate’s degree, have taken college courses, or be in the process of taking college courses. Education levels for both parents must be reported.
The Regents' Scholarship will be offered to approximately 600 incoming freshmen students each fall. There is not a separate application process for this scholarship. However, you must have your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file by March 15, 2018, and your Texas A&M financial aid file must be complete by May 1, 2018. Initial awards are based on data from your admissions application. To apply for admissions, you must complete the Texas Common Application by January 2, 2018, for the fall 2018 semester. For more information on the admissions process, please visit
You will be notified of your potential Regents' Scholarship eligibility within two weeks of your admissions offer. In order to receive the scholarship, you must complete the FAFSA by March 15, 2018, so that Scholarships & Financial Aid may verify your total family income. Your financial aid file must be complete by May 1, 2018.
We recommend that you complete the FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1, 2017. You must submit your FAFSA by March 15, 2018. We suggest completing your FAFSA by March 1, 2018 in order to ensure it will be processed by Texas A&M in time for the March 15 deadline.
You will receive confirmation of your scholarship approximately two weeks after you have completed the financial aid process associated with the FAFSA, and we have confirmed eligibility based upon your family income after the March 15 deadline.
If you do not qualify for the Regents' Scholarship, you will be considered for other types of financial assistance.
If you exceed your cost of attendance or demonstrated financial need due to scholarships and/or the Federal Pell Grant, your Regents' Scholarship may be reduced or eliminated that year. If your Regents' Scholarship is cancelled during your first year, you will not be eligible to receive the scholarship in future years. All outside resources and scholarships must be reported to Texas A&M University. To report an outside scholarship, you should submit the Student Data Form available at Click the My Finances tab and enter the Financial Aid Portal.
No, non-resident students are not eligible for the Regents' Scholarship.
Yes, students qualifying as a resident student under House Bill 1403/Senate Bill 1528 are eligible to receive the Regents' Scholarship. You must complete the Texas Application for State Financial Aid (TASFA).
No, international students are not eligible for this scholarship.
Yes, Provisional Admit students are eligible once they have successfully completed the provisional requirements.
Degree-seeking students enrolled at Texas A&M University in College Station, the TAMU Health Science Center campus in College Station, the Higher Education Center at McAllen, the Engineering Academy at TAMUG, and the Blinn Engineering Academy in Bryan are eligible for the Regents’ Scholarship.   Students attending Texas A&M University at Galveston or who are in the Blinn TEAM program are not eligible for this program.  Students enrolled in the state-wide Engineering Academies are not eligible.

Renewing Your Scholarship

Regents' Scholarship recipients are members of the Regents' Scholars Program. As a member of the program, a freshman is required to live on-campus, participate in a Texas A&M University Success Program (as determined by your college), attend a Regents' Scholars Orientation, and the Regents' Scholars Spring Banquet. In order to receive the scholarship, Residence Life must receive your application for on-campus housing no later than May 1, 2017. Students are encouraged to complete their housing application as soon as possible. For more information on Residence Life, please visit
You must establish eligibility your first year of attendance (live on-campus, participate in an Academic Success Program, attend the required orientation meeting and attend the required spring banquet), continue to possess financial need – as defined by the Department of Education, and meet Scholarships & Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress and complete 30 hours before your second year, 60 hours before your third year, and 90 hours before your fourth year to continue to receive the award yearly.
The Regents' Scholarship will only be awarded for fall and spring semesters. However, if you participate in a cooperative education program during the fall or spring semesters, you may request the scholarship to be deferred to the subsequent summer semester. Summer hours do can count toward the total number of hours to meet the 30/60/90 hour rule.
Students receiving the Regents' Scholarship must meet SAP. If you are no longer meeting SAP, your scholarship may be cancelled. However, you may request an appointment with your financial aid advisor to appeal the loss of the scholarship.
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is defined as consistently passing 75 percent of the credit hours you register for at Texas A&M and maintaining a 2.0 GPR. If you do not complete this percentage of hours and/or maintain a 2.0 GPR, you will be considered ineligible for additional financial aid until the percentage completed reaches 75% or the GPR is raised above a 2.0. When determining SAP, we will include courses that have been excluded under the grade exclusion policy in the completion rate. The courses will count just as a NG (No Grade) or W (Withdrawal) count.
Q-dropping a class will only have an impact on your scholarship if you do not successfully complete at least 75% of your coursework. Q-dropped classes are not considered as successful completed. For more information, contact us at
Students may receive the Regents’ Scholarship in their graduating semester even if they are taking less than 12 hours. To get the Regents’ Scholarship forced onto his/her account, the student must apply for graduation ( and the diploma fee must be on the student’s bill before the scholarship will be forced. The student will only be eligible for that term’s payment of up to $2500 based on financial need as determined by the Department of Education. Any future term payments will be forfeited.
Yes, once you are eligible for this scholarship you will remain eligible, even if your total family income increases; however, you must still maintain financial need, as defined by the Department of Education.