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Current Scholar FAQ

The Craig & Galen Brown Foundation scholarship requires you to maintain a cumulative 3.5 GPR and complete at least 30 semester credit hours per year at Texas A&M. (Dual credit, transfer credit, and/or credit by AP exam will count towards this requirement.) Also, you will be expected to attend an annual event in the fall each year for all Brown scholars.
Academic progress is reviewed each semester. If you fail to continue to meet the requirements for the scholarship, your scholarship could be reduced or cancelled for future terms at the discretion of the foundation.
You may defer your Brown scholarships while you are away from campus on a co-op or internship. The payments will be deferred for use in a future semester.
If you graduate before using all 8 payments of your Brown scholarships, you may continue to utilize the remaining payments if you enroll in a graduate or professional program at Texas A&M University. Full time enrollment is required regardless if you are an undergraduate (12 hours) or begin a graduate program (9 hours).
If you complete your undergraduate degree and continue your education at a different institution or begin employment, you will NOT be able to receive any future payment.
If you are enrolled less than full time (12 hours for undergraduates) due to your final semester before graduation, your payments will be allowed to pay out. Payment will not be released until you have applied for graduation through the Registrar’s Office.