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For Donors

Scholarship Donor Form
The Scholarship Donor Form provides the address where scholarship payments may be mailed, affords donors an opportunity to share details on when funds are to be applied to student accounts, and permits donors to provide information for a receipt from Texas A&M University. Donors may use this form to submit payments for multiple students.

Please note that Texas A&M University will divide payments of $1,000 or more equally for the fall and spring semesters, unless otherwise requested by donors. Texas A&M does not apply scholarships to specific educational expenses (i.e. tuition and fees or books).

For Students

2022-2023 Scholarship Handbook
2021-2022 Scholarship Handbook
           Request for Education Abroad Stipend
           Request for Scholarship Deferment
           Request for Scholarship Reinstatement
           Request for Scholarship Summer Payment
           Request for National Merit 5th Year Stipend
2020-2021 Scholarship Handbook
2019-2020 Scholarship Handbook
2018-2019 Scholarship Handbook


Scholarship SAP Training

For Texas A&M University Colleges and Departments

Helpful Links and Scholarship Account Forms