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National Scholars

Texas A&M University has been ranked 14th for number of National Merit winners enrolling. Texas A&M University provides numerous scholarship opportunities to students who progress in nationwide competitions sponsored by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) or the College Board.

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National Merit Finalists who select Texas A&M University as their first choice institution are guaranteed to be offered the awards listed in the table below. The scholarships listed below will be in addition to any other scholarships from our department, individual colleges or departments at Texas A&M, or from other outside donors.

For out-of-state students, the value of the scholarship package could approach $100,000 due to the out-of-state tuition waiver, worth approximately $18,500 per year.
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Typical National Merit Package Over Four Years
President's Endowed Scholarship + $12,000
NM Recognition Award + $26,000
Sponsorship (TAMU) + $2,000
Total over four years = $40,000
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Additional Opportunities for Those Who Qualify
Study Abroad Stipend + $1,000
NMRA Supplemental for 5th year of study + $3,000
Total Potential Four Year Scholarship Award Package = $4,000
Plus possible scholarships from colleges, departments, athletics and outside entities.
Champe Fitzhugh, Jr. International Honors Leadership Seminar
Most National Merit and Achievement Finalists will be eligible to apply for this two-week leadership development program, which takes place at the Santa Chiara Study Center, in Tuscany, Italy.

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Students who are recognized as National Hispanic Scholars by the College Board are guaranteed the CB Recognition Award worth $14,000 over four years. To receive the guarantee, the scholar must be designated as a National Hispanic Scholar, admitted to and enrolled full time in Texas A&M University – College Station, be a spring high school graduate and a fall incoming freshman.

In addition, most National Hispanic Scholars are eligible to compete for other scholarships offered by Scholarships & Financial Aid, individual colleges, or departments at Texas A&M. National Hispanic Scholars who are recognized in both National Merit and National Hispanic competitions will have their CB Recognition Award replaced by the NM Recognition Award.

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