May I submit an appeal if my scholarship is suspended?

Upon notification of having been suspended from your scholarship you will receive instructions regarding the online appeal process. The appeal process happens immediately after notification is sent out, so it is important to check your TAMU Neo account regularly for notification.

May I Q-drop a class?

Yes, however there are a few things to consider if you decide to utilize a Q-drop as a class that has been Q-dropped will not be considered complete.

Scholarship recipients that enrolled at Texas A&M during or after the summer 2013 term (Class of 2017 and subsequent class year) must complete a minimum of 30 hours within the academic year (fall, spring, and following summer).

Scholarship recipients that enrolled at Texas A&M prior to the summer of 2013 (Class of 2016 and previous class years) must complete a minimum of 12 hours per full semester (fall and spring).

What happens if I have to withdraw from the university?

For all classifications the funds will remain applied even if you withdraw after funds have disbursed to your student billing account. That semester will count against your multi-year scholarship allotment. Following the semester in which you withdraw you will either be on probation or suspension if you did not complete the required hours for your scholarship.

Will my mid-term grades be monitored for my scholarship?

Yes. After mid-term grades have posted for freshmen multi-year scholarship recipients posting below their scholarship requirements will be required to complete a mid-term advising requirement. Additional requirements may also be mandatory depending upon a student’s specific GPR. Mid-term grades are reviewed during both the fall and spring semesters for all freshmen scholarship recipients.

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