• Apply for anything and everything. Apply for anything you think you might be eligible to receive.
  • Complete the application in full. Note if something is not applicable on the application. Do not leave items blank. 
  • Follow directions. Do not supply items not requested (e.g., transcripts, resumes, etc.). 
  • Neatness counts. Make photocopies for working drafts. 
  • Make sure your essay leaves an impression. Be personal and specific in your essays. Include concrete details. (Remember that the special circumstances essay is optional but highly recommended.) 
  • Watch all deadlines. Have a self-imposed deadline two weeks prior to the actual due date. Use this as proofreading time. 
  • Give it a final “once over” before you submit your application. You and another person should proofread the entire application carefully. 
  • Ask for help if you need it. If you need to, do not hesitate to call the funding organization. 
  • Take steps to make sure your application gets where it needs to go. Make a copy of the entire packet and keep it for your files. Make certain that your name appears on all pages. 
  • Remember, your scholarship application represents you!

Based on “FastWeb’s Tips for College Students” April 2000




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